Teach, inspire and drive real change with training videos.

Can’t convince your team to read another dry training booklet? Are your customers hesitant to learn how to use your product or service effectively?


Training doesn't have to be dull. Our training videos combine the important messages you need to get across with a compelling story. Your audience learn more effectively when they're engaged. And most importantly, they retain that information.

No matter what you need to teach, we’re experts at using video to spark change in thought and behavior.

5 Types of Training Videos

There’s an art to creating successful training and educational videos. You must simultaneously educate, engage and entertain your audience. Video is a powerful medium for explaining concepts, capturing attention and igniting the imagination, and Churchill Studios works closely with our clients to discover the right approach for their particular topic.

Safety Training


Employee Training


Business Training


Educational Training


Management Training


It’s easier to get your message across when your training videos are engaging, have a bit of personality and tell a story. At Churchill Studios, we make use of reenactments, roleplaying scenarios and animation to create more compelling video content that is more likely to stick with the viewer long after the video has ended.

Choose us when you need to produce a variety of training videos – from safety videos to employee training, business training, management training, and educational training. As you can see, employees at all levels of your company can benefit from engaging video content designed to inform and educate!

Our talented video production team can also use our creativity in producing training videos for your customers, so that they can learn the best way to use your products and services.

We specialize in creating engaging video content for a variety of uses, so we can help with all aspects of your video – from the concept development to the video shoot, editing and post production work.

Our emphasis on storytelling will give your training video the voice, look, and energy that you’re looking for. We will work closely with you on the concept and the direction of your video to ensure that the finished product is effective.

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